Photo A Day: June 8-15

Instead of posting a new picture for each of the days I missed I’m putting them all together in one photo post!

June 8: An animal


In honor of our run!

June 9: From down low


June 10: You!


June 11: Something funny


I think they’re laughing at me.

June 12: 11 o’clock

To be displayed later this week. I didn’t see this was a prompt until the other day and I’ve been busy during the first 11 & asleep before 11 every night this week!

June 13: Kitchen


I have the tiniest kitchen ever!

June 14: Texture

Chubbs was so excited about her cat grass growing she knocked the whole planter over.

June 15: From above


Check out other pictures here!

A week without posts equals one really big post.

Wow. I went an entire week without posting because of family visiting. Since the end of March I have blogged every single day, some days two or three times, so it’s been nice to take a little break. Of course that means this post is going to be a little long and have lots of pictures.

My parents came out first and cheered ZuZu and I on at the Fire Hydrant 5K last Saturday.
Fire Hydrant 5K
Me You and Zu
Kisses ZuZu
LCHS Start

It was a great morning to be out running. The temperature was a little cooler this year and it was windy which kept us cool on our trek. There are plenty of water bowls and swimming pools along the way and a lot of the residents put out water dishes at the end of their driveways which was really nice of them! As usual Zu stopped to take a dip in each pool. Don’t mind my finger in the picture at mile 2, I was trying to run and take that picture at the same time.

On the road shaking
Firehydrant Mile 2

Along the way we met another dog named Zuzu who was from Slovakia. Her owner told me she had wanted a Slovakian name and had loved Zuzu. I looked it up later and found that Zuzu is a nickname of Zuzana which originates from Susana. (My Zu is from It’s A Wonderful Life for those who don’t know). So we got some exercise and learned something new along the way.

Big Finish
Weiner dog Dog in stroller

After the race we headed to the pet expo to get some snacks and check out the vendors. Her vet and one of her camp counselors were there and she spent a great deal of time giving kisses to her friends. We spotted the Chik-Fil-A mascot roaming around and Zu flipped out causing all dogs within a 20 foot radius to start barking.
Meet the vet Pet Expo

Each year a booth offers paw painting which I always do and Zu never enjoys but she’s a trooper and patiently waits for it to be over.
Paw painting

On Sunday my parents and I took in a Rockies game while we waited for the rest of the group to arrive. The hubby bowed out because he was suffering from a virus that knocked him out for a couple days.
The rest of the week flew by. We took a drive through the Poudre Canyon…

Toured New Belgium Brewery…


And spent the rest of the week in Estes Park roaming through the mountains.
My cousins must have been good luck because I’ve never seen so much wildlife and I spend a lot of time in the mountains. We’ve only ever seen bighorn sheep in the canyon so it was fun to see the herd that lives in the park. And since we don’t get over to the west side of the mountains very often this was my first time seeing moose. It was a great week and so much fun to spend time with family that I very rarely see.

Whew! That didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would. Now I just need to catch up on June photo a day. And while I’m thinking of things I need to catch up on I wanted to mention I was nominated for the Sunshine Award by Janice at My Time To Write. I started the post about it a couple weeks ago but I got busy preparing for my family that I haven’t finished it. So thank you to Janice in the meantime!! It’s coming, I swear!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

The view from up here

I’ve been so busy getting all the little things together for the wedding I’m in this week that I haven’t had a lot of free time to write anything other than Every Day In May and even less time to properly visit all my fellow blog friends. So I apologize for that and for the fact that it won’t get any better until this weekend. Though it’s a week late here’s our Estes adventure. Beware there are lots of pictures and by lots of pictures I mean lots of elk. I’m sorry.

I had a training class in Estes Park on Monday and Tuesday of last week. Instead of driving back and forth up the hill W came with me and we spent the weekend there. First we dropped lil’ ZuZu at Camp Bow Wow, her home away from home. Anytime we are gone for more than 10 hours or are out of town we send her packing.

IMG_3046 IMG_3045

Our first night we spent at The Crags Lodge because the Stanley was booked for the conference and other events. It was a lot of fun and I’m about to speak blasphemy but I liked it better than our stay at the Stanley. The downstairs lobby was a seating area with books, a fireplace, TV and best of all giant checkers! We went out for dinner but then came back to play a few rounds.

IMG_1957 IMG_1948

The training class was held at the Stanley in The Lodge. The Lodge looks just like the main building (below) but smaller. It’s also pet friendly and the main house is not.

The only reason there is a picture of my feet in the pictures below is because it was the first time I’ve worn sandals and I think they look awesome because they cover up all those ghastly scars. Also it was raining while we were hanging out on the porch and there wasn’t much else to take pictures of…besides elk. This time of year the elk typically hang out in the town, holding up traffic and laying in people’s yards. There was a large group hanging out at the hotel while we were there and for some reason we all felt it was necessary to photograph them. I probably have hundreds of pictures of elk because every time I see one I take a picture of it and we usually visit Estes at least once every couple of months; every couple of weeks in the summer. Nonetheless I took a few more during my trip.

After Monday’s class we went to the bar to have a drink which is a must if you’re ever at the Stanley. It’s something we do every time we are there. And then we trekked off to our 4th floor room for the best part of the stay….the 24/7 channel featuring “The Shining.” It’s the movie, not the mini-series, and it’s awesome! Falling asleep to it and then waking up a few hours later to a different part only to fall asleep again can bring on some really weird dreams. Just keep that in mind if you ever stay.
IMG_3076 IMG_1968

We also explored a little. This was not our first time staying though so really we were looking for the ice machine but any time you can wander through an old hotel like this is pretty cool.

IMG_1971 IMG_1970

Now some people might say the first picture is blurry because the ghosts of the hotel are hanging out in my photo. We were staying on the 4th floor which houses quite a few of them. Unfortunately it was just my poor camera skills. No ghosts…this time 😉

On Tuesday after class we took a drive into the park. We have a yearly pass so we try to go whenever we can. The view from up there never gets old. I could visit a million times and always think it’s amazing. Something about being on top of a mountain makes me happy.

There’s still a lot of snow on the mountains. It’s just now beginning to melt but it’s still chilly up there. It’s always about 10 degrees cooler in Estes than in the foothills so if you ever visit make sure to pack a pair of pants and a sweater because 9 times out of 10 you’ll need it. And that’s just in the city. When you finally get into the mountains it’s downright cold and probably snowing/raining. The road, known as Trail Ridge Road, was closed at Rainbow Curve which is one of the last few stops before you get to the Alpine Visitor Center, the 2nd highest place you can drive to on Trail Ridge. The road is usually only open from late June to early September so we rarely get to the visitor center. We’ll be going back for a few days in June and hopefully it will be open by then.

Alright, that’s enough elk pictures for one day. I took so many more though but I’m sparing you the pictures. I might get one more extra post in tomorrow; if not you’ll see them again this weekend! Have a great rest of the week 🙂

Sunday Social – May 19 (and oops, May 12)

Sunday Social

What is your favorite kind of surprise?
A good surprise like finding money in your coat pockets.

 Flowers or chocolate?
Flowers. I do like chocolate but I love the way flowers make a house look and smell great.
Of course having flowers in the house usually means having to first sneak them in so Chubbs
doesn’t see them and then finding a place she won’t easily get to. She likes to knock over the vase and then eat the flowers.

What is your favorite summertime activity?
There are too many to choose from! Camping is probably the favorite though.

Do you have any vacations planned this summer?
I have family coming out in June so we’ll head up to Estes Park again. And maybe Iowa to see more family…I know, big plans. 🙂

Favorite summer holiday?
I love the 4th of July. It’s a fun holiday. I also consider my birthday a holiday and it’s in August.

What is your dream vacation?
All expense paid trip to the UK, specifically Ireland, with side trips to places such as France, Germany, Italy, etc…

So I had last week’s Sunday Social all ready to go and on Tuesday, as I was sitting in class, it dawned on me that I had never published it!
I was so busy getting ready for our trip to Estes! I’m adding it in to today’s instead.

1 year ago

I was in Vegas!

image image

5 years ago

I got my hair cut REALLY short, for me at least. It was the first time in six years I’d had more than a trim.


10 years ago

I was graduating from the community college with my Associates and then getting ready to start at the University of Northern Iowa.

1 year from now

Hopefully starting a new adventure…

5 years from now

I will probably have kids. Maybe a new fur friend for Zu.

10 years from now

I have no idea but I hope it’s something awesome.