Y is for Younglings

Youngling is the first thing that came to mind when I thought of the letter Y. I had just looked at all these cute pictures of Roma as a kitten and the word just popped into my head. But I’m going to throw a little nerd knowledge at you guys.

“Youngling” is a common term for Jedi initiate, a child in the first stages of Jedi training. It is also a generic, species-neutral word for a young child.
– Star Wars Glossary

If you’ve ever spent any amount of time with my husband (or read some of my posts) you know he’s a HUGE Star Wars fan. His fascination with it rubs off on me and I start unconsciously referring to Star Wars. Unfortunately for this post and all of you reading it it’ll now be affecting you.

Anyway, back to my youngling Roma. She’s the only one I have baby pictures of and boy was she a cutie. She’s also the only one we’ve had that was truly a baby when we got her.

Roma kitten

Chubbs was a year old and had already grown into her chunkiness. ZuZu was 10 months when we got her so she too was already grown up. I see puppies every now and then that I think she would have looked like them. I can only imagine her as a pup. She did have some puppy fat that she’s shed since but otherwise she looks the same. The pictures below were taken on our drive home from the shelter and the next day at the dog park.
ZuZu pup

ZuZu pup

Roma was a feisty little kitten. She was only 6 weeks old when we adopted her and even though she was teeny tiny she was scrappy. Chasing Chubbs around was her favorite pastime. One day she stole an entire piece of pizza off the table. The piece was bigger than she was and she could only drag it across the floor, growling the whole time.
Roma mouse
Playing with tail

I’m pretty impressed I was able to put cats and Star Wars together in harmony. Tomorrow is the last day of the month which means letter Z has finally arrived! See you guys tomorrow. 🙂




Monday Funny with Roma

I was emailed by Dropcam about writing a funny, surprising or heartwarming story about one of the kiddos. I thought, this will be easy. But it wasn’t! There are so many goofy things that the animals do but I couldn’t think of something that would make a good story. Then I thought, okay I can take some simple yet goofy thing and make it into a story. I had originally planned to do all three but Roma’s story turned out longer than I’d thought it would be. I might make Monday Funny into a regular thing…we’ll see how this one fares first.

Lazy cat

A lazy lady.

Roma is not the adventurous type. For starters she’s lazy. Very rarely does she tear around the house like Chubbs does. Then there’s the fact that she gets scared at the drop of a pin. Once when she was sunning on the deck the wind rustled some leaves across the yard and she jumped up at the sound, running back into the house. So when we leave the front door open I never worry about her running out. Just outside the door we have a large landing and steps that lead down to the outside door so when the cats do get out they’re not actually “outside.” The few times Roma has wandered out she won’t go more than a few feet and I can just scoop her up and bring her back inside.

The cat tree near the door is usually the closest she gets!

The cat tree behind the door is usually the closest she gets!

The other morning Wayne was leaving for work but forgot something as he was walking out so the door was left wide open as he came back in. Roma was lounging in the middle of the floor and perked up at the sight of the openness ahead of her. I stepped in front of her to partially block her way but since I didn’t think she’d make a break for it I paid her little attention. Even if she did she’s so cautious and moves so slow there was no way she’d beat me to the door. Boy was I wrong! 

Sweet face

Would I misbehave?

Out of the corner of my eye I see her jump up and scamper out the door. The doormat must have spooked her as she was jumping over it because she did a little jump within a jump and landed sideways. Down the stairs she went, curiously meowing the whole time. She was on a mission! She paused briefly to look out the full length window at the snow but she saw me coming down the stairs and took off towards the nearby plants . Every time I came near her she would take off again. I loosely attempted to chase her (and by chase I mean walk slowly behind her) but gave up after a few minutes and went back upstairs to watch her. Up and down the stairs. Meowing as she ventured then hissing each time she saw me. I gave chase one more time when she neared our front door which was closed to keep Chubbs and ZuZu from escaping. She stared at it as if she wanted to go back inside so I tried to sneak behind and grab her but she was onto me and took off again. But I finally had a brilliant idea! Peeking inside the door I checked to see if the other two were around. Chubbs had yet to make her morning appearance and was off snoozing somewhere while ZuZu was watching me from the couch. So I opened the door wide, stepped inside and hid around the corner to wait. I heard tiny footsteps tear up the stairs and come to a halt. As stealthily as I could I sneaked a look and saw Roma staring, warily, at the open door. She looked around, probably searching for me, and took one slow step forward. I retreated to my hiding place and waited.  It was ages later (so about 30 seconds) when I finally saw a tiny nose come through the doorway, sniffing crazily. She looked up as I was peeking around and froze but I quickly slid over out of her sight. Slowly her fat cat body made its way through the doorway and I was able to reach around and shut the door. She took off and tore around the house like a madwoman. Minutes later here she comes strolling by, mewing softly, and doing circle 8’s on my legs as if she had just woken from a long nap and needed a few cuddles.

I wish I had grabbed my camera to record her because she was so funny. Her tail was all puffed, her meow made an appearance, and I looked a fool following her. Goofy cat! I fear she’s picking up her bad habits from Chubbs!