Wordless (or not) Wednesday – February 19

I took these pictures on a walk a couple weeks ago and think they are so cute. ZuZu spotted squirrels in a tree so naturally she ran to it to investigate. When she arrived they yelled at her and kicked snow down on her head.

Throwing snow on the dog

Then slowly one of them inched closer, gaining a little more bravado with each step. Zu barely moved the entire time, only her head bobbed up and down a few times. I think she was just trying to lure the fat squirrel closer. Once it spotted me though it decided to scamper back up the tree to its mate.

Inching closer

Come a little closer squirrel.

What was ZuZu looking at yesterday?

squirrelHe’s hard to see but this little squirrel held ZuZu’s attention the entire time we were at the park. She chased him up a tree as I was trying to drag her to the other side of the park. Still she stared longingly through the trees to see if he was still around. We had to pass by his tree on the way home where we were greeted by angry yelling…he didn’t have nearly as much fun as Zu did!