ZuZu & Friends

This is a page dedicated to ZuZu, my beautiful Border Collie/Austrialian Shepherd. She is named for Zuzu Bailey from It’s A Wonderful Life.

ZuZu and her red bandana

We adopted her from the shelter when she was 10 months old. One look at her and I was sold. I had driven an hour to the Humane Society in Boulder to meet her and I almost bought her the instant I saw her. But my husband and I had promised each other we would make the decision together. So I requested a 24 hour hold before driving home and waiting impatiently until Wayne got off work so we could make the trek back. Luck was on our side because shortly after I left the first time a couple had put in a request to see her after our hold was up. Wayne was immediately in love and we adopted her!

Dog at the park

If you aren’t a fan of 70’s folk music or have never heard of Lobo you might not get my blog name Me, You and Zu.

I’ve always loved the song and it just seemed to fit. Zu is involved in everything we do so it’s only appropriate she be part of the blog title and most of the blog postings. Most of the shenanigans I find myself in she was there with me!

I also have 2 feisty cats Chubbs and Roma…click on their pictures to see their own page.

Christmas Chubbs

Christmas Roma

I love them but they’re cats…so they don’t appreciate morning runs through the park, rides in the car and they’re actually not the nicest creatures. They like my husband and I but are pretty mean to any one else.

Source: Someecards.com


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8 thoughts on “ZuZu & Friends

  1. She’s gorgeous! My dogs don’t quite get the running thing. One will just trot along, not ready to move up to a gallop and the other is having some sort of insecurity issue if we go too far from home. I have no idea what caused it, but it’s so frustrating because he used to love to run with me!

    • Thank you! I know I’m bias because she’s my baby but she is a good looking dog. 🙂

      That sucks your dog doesn’t want to run anymore, it is frustrating when you just can’t figure out what’s wrong. Hopefully when you move and they’ve adjusted to a new environment they’ll want to get out and about more though!

  2. Thanks for liking our blog. Mom said to tell you that she loves Lobo and that is one of her favorite songs. A friend of hers in Texas (whatever that is) sent her the song years and years ago……before we were ever around. We like all your critters. We’re both adopted, too. We used to have a doggy sister but she went over the Rainbow Bridge. She was also adopted.

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