Roma: The Squeaker


yelling cat

While she may not be as impressive as the city* she is actually named for it. We didn’t intend to adopt her, we just happened to find ourselves at Petsmart where they were having an adoption day for one of the local humane societies. She and her brother had been found abandoned in a box on the side of the road and they figured she was between 4-6 weeks old. We decided we had to have her. At the time her name was Evangeline…which we weren’t fond of. I had only been back from a semester abroad in Europe for 2 days and the name just seemed to fit.

To most people she & Chubbs look exactly alike and they often have a hard time telling them apart. Roma is bigger though (weighing in at a whopping 13 lbs.) and has more orange in her fur. While Chubbs is loud and yells at everything, Roma has never meowed like a normal cat in her life. She squeaks. Short, little squeaks to let you know she’s around. The happier she is the higher in pitch they get.

Crazy eyes

When she was a kitten she only had Chubbs to look up to so she learned a lot of bad habits from the Beast. Anything Chubbs did, Roma would do as well. I still sing “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better” whenever the two of them are together. Wayne and I lived in an apartment briefly that didn’t allow pets so we shipped them off to my parents for a couple months. While in their temporary house Roma picked up the habit of licking anything plastic from my parents mentally challenged cat, Armstrong. [A quick diversion from Roma to Armstrong…I’m not being mean to the cat, he really is mentally challenged; he was attacked by our dog as a kitten and lost a lot of functions. Ten+ years later he has adapted quite well and gained a lot of his senses back but he’s still the goofiest cat in the world. One of these days I’ll write about him…]. The sound of a cat licking plastic is the most annoying sound ever, especially at 5 in the morning when the cat has dragged the bag into the bedroom with her.

She also loves reusable bags and boxes.

Roma loves to be wherever people are as long as she’s left alone. She stays in whichever room you’re currently in and follows you if rooms are changed. Like most cats her favorite pastime is sleeping but she also enjoys a good game of laser chasing…or anything the sun can reflect off. Her whole body starts to shake because she is so excited, her squeaking is at its finest. She also likes scaring the daylights out of the dog. When she’s in a good mood she’ll purr and rub against ZuZu which causes the dog to freeze in place, eyes wide as she assesses whether death by claw is coming. When Zu finally gets the nerve to move and take a sniff Roma’s claws come out and swipe at her. Another habit she picked up is pushing the dog’s water bowl around the floor. We think it’s because she’s attracted to the water moving, the light reflecting as it swishes in the dish but we’re still not sure.



Every night she becomes my complete snuggle bug. I like to think she likes me better but I’m pretty sure she only sleeps on my side because she knows Wayne will kick her off when he wants more room. Most of the time she curls up at my feet and stays all night but occasionally she wants to be right next to my head. She takes up most of my side so I tend to get squished between her and a snoring husband. I’m too nice to kick her off the bed because she’s so cute. The other night I must have rolled into her bubble because she hissed, smacked me in the face and then took off. Barely five minutes later she was hopping back on the bed as if nothing had happened and we spent the rest of the night in peaceful sleep.

On their own each cat is crazy but put the two of them together and all hell breaks loose. Usually Roma is the instigator and will hide until Chubbs walks past her. Then starts the fur flying, snarls, and breakable things being knocked over.

So that’s my Roma Bear (or Roma Dizzle depending on the mood).

Rome*I thought I’d throw in a picture of the actual Roma.

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2 thoughts on “Roma: The Squeaker

  1. Roma sounds like a handful plus a real people lover. We enjoyed reading about her and hope to get to know her better. We’ll read about Chubbs the next time we drop by. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • Haha! She definitely is a handful but she’s so much sweeter than she wants you to think! As long as she’s in control she’s a sweetheart. Thanks for reading about her 🙂

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