Chubbs: The Beast

Everyone meet Chubbs.


Erase any cute thoughts from your head right now. This cat is Crazy with a capital C. Her nickname, the Beast, is no exaggeration. She is not nice, she hates being petted and will try to bite when you come near. She races around the house like the devil is on her heels; once when she was really on a roll she made a break for it off the second floor balcony. Luckily the neighbor found her wandering around and held onto her for us. We had to put window screen on the rails to keep her from doing it again. It’s now off and on occasion she hangs her little body over the side and howls.

Mid howlWhile working on the car in the driveway she came out and made her presence known.

The only person she loves with absolution is Wayne. This cat absolutely adores him. Sickeningly so. She sleeps on his chest at night, purring so loud its hard to sleep. When he rolls over she lays on my head and hits me with her tail…again making it hard to sleep. When he leaves for work in the morning she plops down in front of the door and cries like she’s being murdered. I’m surprised Animal Control hasn’t been called on me yet. Then when he gets home from work she runs from wherever she is in the house to greet him at the door, tail wagging and crying like a fool.

When I come home in the morning she’s usually lurking near the door and races out when I open it. I then have to drop all my stuff to chase her down. Some mornings I just let her run; usually she goes to the neighbors and chews on their plants. I keep a bell on her collar so I know when she’s sneaking up on me and so I can locate her when she escapes.

The only time she loves me is when her food bowl is empty. Although she did warm up to me during my surgery. She slept next to me for hours and never tried to bite me. I consider that success.

When she’s not being mean to me she can be found sleeping in Zu’s doghouse.

She has been known to scare the dog out just to have her spot.

If Zu has gotten to the house first she’ll sun herself for a while and then search for whatever shade she can find. I watched her knock over the laundry rack one day and curl up inside the towels.


She also loves to block the tv. Unless Wayne holds on to her she will continue to jump up so we just let her hang out there.

She is a sweetie when she wants to be and as she gets older she gets a little nicer.

That sums up the first of my crazy cats.  The other one is nicer but not by much…

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