Weekly Creature Photo(s): Naptime

In recent weeks Rosa has taken a liking to sleeping on the back of the couch. He will throw himself down, using the nearest person as a place to lay his enormous body. The other night I actually had my phone with me to capture him.

Rosa sleeping
Eventually he slid off the couch until he was using only my shoulders for support.

Night was falling around us and we were left sitting in complete darkness. He was just so happy, his purr rumbling his whole body, that I couldn’t disturb him. I am such a sucker…but I did get a lot accomplished on Pinterest. So that’s something.🙂


Weekly Creature Photo: The Low(er) Life

Last week you saw the life Kylo leads and this week you’ll see Rosa’s daily life.

Due to his escape artist ways Rosa is not allowed outside unless under direct supervision. He absolutely loves sleeping in the garden and chasing bugs but he also enjoys jumping the fence to see what happens on the other side. We’re still working on a solution to this problem but in the meantime Rosa gets less outdoor time than the other kit kats.